Our story


What do we believe?

We believe smiles change everything. Do you know the power of your smile? Really, it’s true! Your smile is impactful enough to encourage a child to overcome his fears and lighten the bad mood of a total stranger. It is an automatic ego boost for your significant other and it serves as a reflection of all that is good in the world. Yes, your smile is just that powerful.

What do we commit?

We commit to bring more kindness into the world. At SmilesCode, we know that genuine smiles transcend cultural barriers and bring peace to confusion. How so? Because everyone smiles in the same language! For this reason, our goal is to invest more kindness into the world through the power of smiles.

What do we do?

We believe seriously in our mission to create a better world. We value every individual and every smile. We understand, not everyone is glad about their grin. Sadly, stained teeth cause many people to withdraw from social gatherings and avoid smiling at all costs. That is why SmilesCode is committed to providing quality oral care solutions. We want you to be at your best at all times. Because we believe everyone should be able to smile with confidence, our products promote good oral care while giving you pearly-whites that you will be proud to flash. Each time you smile, you are making an impact. With us, you become empowered to open your heart and share kindness with the world.

What do we wish for?

We believe all begins with an unapologetically widespread grin! Where age, language, and economic differences exist, smiles bridge the gap to create unity and happiness. It is the code to connectedness! Never underestimate the influence of your cheerfulness. At SmilesCode, we honor the collective value of every smile. We invite all smiles from near and far to come together in the spreading of life, love, and positivity. Let’s make the world better… together.

Learn more about us

SmilesCode is a company that truly cares for people. The SmilesCode philosophy is at the heart of everything we do as we are customer-oriented and dedicated to improving every part of our products as well as engineering them to perfection. We always put ourselves in customers' shoes. The happiness of our customers forms the basis of everything we do.

As a company, we aim for further and steady growth. At the same time, we support the creation of a sustainable society, and offer solutions to social problems, helping people find happiness as well as spreading their love and positivity through our main area of business: health and beauty. That gives us confidence, courage, joy, happiness, and new energy to commit to fulfilling our responsibility for the future and creating new values for our customers.